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Monday, April 11, 2016

Down, it is a Relative Term

 April 9th, after a few days of seriously chilly weather, saw the dock trying to emerge like Atlantis from the waves.

At least the decking was visible... but don't get too fond of that view... it's all going to melt, and melt fairly fast, and we are predicting that the dock will sink beneath the waves at least once more before we're done with this Melting Season.

Looking back towards Clover along the shore you get a good sense of how hard it froze in over the past two days.  You COULD walk on that ice, if you could get out far enough to be past the fragile shore ice and if you had a death wish.

Taffy wanted no part of the ice-walk.  

Taffy opted for the better safe than sorry approach.  So did I...

Ours were not the only tracks.  A muskrat had been exploring around the docks.  They have a distinctive track.

you can almost see all of the deck in front of Anchor

The robin is definitely NOT IMPRESSED with the snowfall. He was
hunting along the shore, where the grass is still  findable, but wouldn't
pose for the photo...

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  1. Robins have shown up here lately as well- and must be wondering when the snow's going to leave.