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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Up? Yup.

 Water levels are still very high. Higher than yesterday, in fact.

Here are some images of our 'beach' taken today. 

For our Bondi Family, who will know the Bonfire beach at Springside from our weekly summer cookouts, we think that even the BMD would have some trouble getting the bonfire lit in these conditions.

The picnic table, if the water comes up much more, will start to float!  

Two days ago I could walk out to the table, and Taffy could jump up on it dry paws and all...

The thing about the ice is that it is incredibly powerful.  And there is still quite a lot of it on the lake.
It hasn't broken loose yet, so the wind isn't shifting it, which is a problem in an of itself.

But it is pushing on the docks...  You can see the 'wobble' in the dock at Lantern...

You can also see the ice shoving along the right side of the dock in this photo.  Thanks, ice...

 Just before the cold snap there was a lot of shelly loose ice right along the shore.  You can see how the wind, and the cold weather, has pushed that up on the shore into a nifty little tent.

Although it was cold, it was a beauty day out there. 

Here you can see Clover's dock, and the Main Dock in the background, anchored down by barrels filled with water.

 Taffy was disappointed that she couldn't walk out to the end of the main dock to check on 'things.'

'Things' were more underwater than they were on Sunday when her friend Sasha came to visit.

You can just make out the dock, under the water!

It's pretty high alongside Anchor cottage.

The next few photos were taken on Sunday, for comparison, when Taffy had a friend,
Sasha, here to play.

There was more ice along the edge of the dock. There was less water over the deck at Anchor...

 What a difference a couple of days makes.

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  1. That is high. Hopefully that's as far as it goes.