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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Up again

 Taffy had a visitor on Sunday. She and Sasha came down to check out the rising water levels. And yes, although we are told that the flow on the Oxtongue River is down, the water on the lake is still coming up.

Just a day before, Taffy could walk on the dog with dry paws. Not so now.
 It's quite helpful to have a dog along, or Brian. Or both. They give perspective to how much the water levels are changing.

David did some basic math for me, with some help from Wikipedia and a slightly sketchy calculator.

What is the surface area of the Lake of Bays, I asked. 

According to Wiki, he replied, it's 70.5 square kilometres.  Which, with a bit of math, is 758,855,684 square feet. (give or take)

To raise that surface approximately a foot, as has happened over a short span of days, would require 23, 303,442 tons of water.  That's a whole lot of water rushing down the rivers, storming down from the hillsides, swelling out the creeks.

The good news is that it has turned cold. You can see how the ice has snapped back into place around the docks. That's going to help a lot to slow down the melt-water, and give the water already in the system a chance to move on through before the next go-round of melt.  We're quite happy to see these colder days, even the return of a bit of snow. 

But that said, the water can only move out of the lake as a certain rate -- the dam at Baysville is running a lot of water, but remember there are folk downstream who are dealing with even more melt-water than we are up here at the top of the watershed.  The trick is to try to juggle it through ALL the system in a uniform fashion.  And best of luck with THAT.

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