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Friday, April 1, 2016

Water level creeping higher

the barrels, filled with water, are heavy enough to help
hold down the decking. This may the last day Taffy can walk here
with dry paws...
The water level in the Lake of Bays has risen markedly since yesterday.  I hiked in to the Hogs' Trough, a formation along the Oxtongue River (more on this in next post) and the snow in the woods was almost up to the top of my high boots in many places, so there is plenty of "water" stored in there yet, and with the rain, a lot of it has jumped into the creeks and rivers and is headed downstream.

compare to the level from yesterday's post
The M.N.R. is now muttering that the levels could possibly match those of 2013, when we had what they called the CENTURY FLOOD.  To which all I can say is, 'short century'.  Still, there is hope... this weekend the temperature has plunged into an April Polar Vortex. Why can we no longer just say, 'it's a cold snap???'  and that will, with luck, slow down the melt and give the rivers and lakes a chance to move what is already there along the system. Breathing space... and a few days might be all we need.

The river is spectacular when it is in flood. But, holy flowing rivers Batman, it is treacherous near the banks, so we never recommend you to go near fast flowing water. It is far more powerful than people think. 

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  1. I have seen the Trough in high conditions. Looking forward to it. I just had a look at another blog about the Eugenie Falls at full force.