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Monday, April 25, 2016

Update on the Crazy Cat lady Front

Pemberley cuddles with Indigo in a sunbeam

For those of our guests who are following the latest adventures of our indoor animals, here are a few kitten photos...


They grow, as kittens do, practically while you watch.   

Phoebe, hiding in the jasmine
sprawsled kittens
Pemberley - yes he's as much trouble as he looks... :)
The calico, Phoebe, is still a little shy, but has started to come out of herself more. Tonight she pushed Taffy away from her dog dinner bowl because there were some tasty treats in there. Taffy is very tolerant, and I'm thinking that if Phoebe is no longer afraid to share a dish with the dog, then she is becoming far less fearful of that same dog!

Taffy had a party of her own at the stable with visits from
two of the riders who brought their dogs for a visit.

and Squeegee made a new friend, with 2 year old Ox the Great Dane.
Pemberley, in his little black and white tuxedo fur coat, is a hellion and a pawful, and into everything. Good thing he is adorable...

And the big cat, Indigo (sometimes called Indi-ghost for her ability to completely vanish and then reappear...) is a lovely mellow thing, keeping both the 'little kids' in line.

Up at the stable, Taffy was able to host a party when two of the horses' riders came for the afternoon and brought their dogs with them (to go out walking in the back fields.)

Squeegee the pony made friends with the enormous Great Dane.

And Taffy sang the song of her people to her new friends...

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