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Thursday, November 27, 2008

The Truth about the Weather

If you listen to the weatherfolk in the media, most of whom look like they have never been outdoors in their lives, you would begin to think that a sprinkle of snow is a complete disaster. Nancy remembers a trip to England one Christmas, when one inch of snow shut down British Rail -- and she got into a heated argument with a London cabbie about driving in snow. But that's across the Pond. Over here, snow is a fact of life, which arrives every year about this time, and we are getting a little tired of the media moaning about how bad it is to be out of doors.

Besides, there is a huge variance in the weather reports -- it can be heaving it down in Toronto, and be sunny and dry up here. It can be snowing in Gravenhurst, and sunny up here. It can be raining in Huntsville, and the roads are dry at Bondi. And vice versa. Sure, there's a snowbelt near Barrie, but the roads farther north are often untouched... You get the picture.

Or do you? We want you to get the picture!!!

Our good friend and near neighbour, Gord Bell, over at Beauview Cottage Resort, is no slouch in the internet department, and he decided what was needed was a way to reveal the Truth and make sure you GET THE PICTURE!

He's set up a website, with webcam links to the great outdoors. The Accu Window Weather for Ontario Canada is now online, with 29 webcams accessible reaching many Muskoka locations. You can click on this site,
and see what's really happening.

Bondi doesn't have a webcam operating just yet -- heck, we're still finalizing the high-speed connection "thing", but Gord's close enough to us to give you a great notion. And you can keep checking out this Blog -- we've got tons of current winter photos being posted almost every day!

Well done, Gord! Thanks for 'putting us all in the frame.' We've attached a picture from Gord's webcam -- this morning, over at Beauview, the sun is shining

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