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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Angelica's special friend

One of our wild whitetail does comes to the stable every day, when she sees activity there, because it's a great chance for her to steal a few mouthfuls of the chickens' corn. The chickens don't seem to care, one way or another. Surrounded by her feathered friends, the doe will stand and chat -- with Judy, Squeegee's "person", or with just about anybody else...
When Angelica came to feed carrots to the horses, the doe pointed out amicably that she, too, enjoys the occasional munch of beta-carotene to help her with her night vision...
Angelica was all too happy to oblige. Since Angelica is herself quiet and gentle, the doe felt brave enough to take the carrot right from her hand.
A few nights later, as Nancy left the stable after late feed, the doe was right at the door. Behind her, two more. The only sound was the munching of the horses enjoying their hay... until... (and this is the argument for leaving your iPod at home, for unplugging your ears, for just listening to the world around you) Nancy heard a soft buzzing sound.
Around the edge of the garden came the twin fawns, stepping carefully, and very shy. They are still little, still have their spots -- and still make soft bleating calls to their mother, along with the strange buzzing 'zzzzt' that they make -- that you must be very quiet and very close indeed to hear.

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  1. That is wonderful! Thank you for sharing your babies with us!