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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Three for Three, First Try

We had a lot of 'first-timers' trying waterskiing yesterday. Anya was a little tentative -- she decided to hedge her bets by cutting a deal: both Samuel and Tobias had to get up within three tries or she wasn't going to even make the attempt.

She thought it was a safe bet...

Until Sam stepped up on the very first try, and sailed off around the bay.

A bit nervous, Anya pinned her hopes on Tobias...
But he also was up on the first try. Mind, he was so thrilled, that he punched the air in triumph just a teensy bit too soon... but he was UP! It counted... On his next try, Tobias, too, was zipping about the bay, waving to the crowd, looking totally pro.

With a little muttering, Anya practiced some dry-land starts with Nancy, then got into the lake, still unconvinced. Her cry of "hit it!" was a little tentative... but, wow, she was up right away, and around the bay. And around. And around... we thought for a moment there she was never going to stop.

"Most fun ever!" she exclaimed.

Owen was little too young at seven for the waterskis, but he went on our surfboard, as did Graeme, seen here.

We're waiting on photos of Samuel, Tobias and Anya -- since Nancy was in the water with the kids, she didn't have her camera.

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