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Monday, September 21, 2009

The Mother and Child Bond, in Deer

Remember, way back in June, when the doe brought her brand new fawn to stay with us? We blogged it, and David got some awesome photos of the little creature, not much bigger than the cat (Napster, not Achmed). Well... look how she's grown! She still has a few spots left on her hindquarters, but only a few.

The doe comes regularly to the stable, to scrounge grain from the chickens, or beg a carrot. For most of the summer, she came on her own, leaving the fawn safely out of sight. Now the fawn comes too.

But she's not completely grown up, not just yet. She's still nursing. Saturday, I was able to get these pictures -- something you don't usually get to see, since the does are fairly private, and protective of their fawns.

Since folks don't always get a chance to watch wild animals suckle their young, I thought I'd share these. Including a video I took (I apologize, it's very grainy, because the setting wasn't right in the camera and I didn't dare take the time to sort that out...!)

All the same, it's a lovely Mother-Daughter moment...
and a rare chance to be included in the intimate lives of the whitetail deer....


  1. And now I know why some of the garbage bins around town say "guaranteed bear proof."

  2. Nancy, that is a great video! And photos. So nice to see them!
    I guess you are not the chicken whisperer, you are Dr. Doolittle!
    Mother of all the creatures.