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Friday, September 4, 2009

BBQ Barge Triumphant

There was a moment at this morning's Marathon Swim when we wondered if it was going to happen. Not because we didn't have swimmers, but because the fog was so thick we couldn't see the Point. Literally.

Then, looming out of the mist, the BBQ barge arrived. Complete with -- YES! -- BBQ...

The boys picked up a stowaway, during a small act of piracy, when Achmed came aboard... and then discovered that he was surrounded by water. He explored the extent of the ship thoroughly, but did not offer to help paddle.

A cormorant flew past us in the lifting mist -- we'd prefer he just go away, since they were never native here in the first place and since they compete with the loons, who were. A great blue heron was surprised to find swimmers closing in on his fishing spot in the corner by the Point. And a single merganser patrolled the main dock just before we left. We had no seagull, but perhaps when they discover that there were waffles on the BBQ, they, too will appear...

In their absence, the waffles were snapped up by the swimmers upon returning to the dock, having swum 1 km. in the clear, still lake, just in time for the sun to break through the mist. Achmed the Cat disembarked at great speed, but came back to hang out at the dock.

It was a Great Moment -- the BBQ barge fulfilled it's mission: sailed, bbq'd, generally hung out and looked cool. Way to go swimmers. And way to go, Dave and Mike with the barge!

Tom commented that it was like a swim up bar, except with waffles...

And then, as it should in a perfect world, as the sun burned off the mist, the BBQ barge paddled away into the green morning, triumphant.

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