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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Napster, Going for the Burn!

One of Napster's favourite persons is here this week -- Andrea is the one who suggested that he 'spin' the negative comments about his weight, and instead should celebrate that he is an 'anorexia free zone.'

Napster wants a t-shirt... "I beat Anorexia" but we're having trouble finding one that fits.

Meanwhile, he embarked last summer on an ambitious walking program - aided and abetted by Dave and Mike. These incorrigibles would simply hoist the cat and carry him to some remote corner of the property, from whence the cat would have to walk home. This summer, having reached detente with Achmed the Other Cat, Napster has been out and about more. And more.

All that, combined with a rigourous low-cal diet topped up with the occasional mouse (or bird, dang it) and the Sit-Up routines that Shahira helped him institute (as seen in his photo, where the Nap-Cat goes for the burn...) have resulted in a loss of almost three pounds from our once 17 pound kitty.

Mind you, having heard that the cortisol produced from stressful activities contributes to weight gain, Napster ensures that he gets plenty of rest and relaxation.

And he now has his own page on Facebook: Napster Felinus.

It's all too much for his people, really...

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