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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Berry Special

Strawberries!  Still hot from the sun, so sweet it's sinful...

Now, if we can just stay ahead of Mr. Chipmunk, who also has a very sweet tooth and an eye for a bodacious berry!

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  1. Most people have no idea what a real strawberry tastes like. The imported supermarket variety has become a monstrosity, with gargantuan size and long shelf-life being its main virtues. They are tough and chewy and juiceless, prefabricated things barely worth eating. Even locally-grown berries are suspiciously large, suggesting genetic manipulation. But wild strawberies. . .These were glistening red jewels (sorry,I had to say that!), and while it took forever to fill your pail, consuming them always went too fast. Berrying at Bondi is in my sense-memory box along with playing Ridge Runners and hearing the bullfrogs at night (under a million white-hot stars!)