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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Windows on the Past

When the historic old Bigwin Rotunda came down several years ago, the local Heritage Committee was able to salvage windows and railings. 

These travelled here and migrated there before finding a permanent place to hang out... 

The Committee placed pieces with the local museums in Dorset and Huntsville, and some are destined for Gravenhurst's Grace and Speed museum as well.

The idea was to save some of the history, get it preserved in museums for the public to see, and to sell the rest to raise money for Heritage Projects.  Like the Dorset Heritage Walking Tour booklet.  Historic markers. Doors Open events.  Lots of good stuff.

This spring, ads were run in the LOBA (Lake of Bays Association) flyer, and on-line, and we've been getting a decent response.

It's amazing the purposes to which these old windows can be put.  Art frames, mirror frames, garden accents are just a few of the ideas we've heard.

Six pane, eight pane and twelve pane windows -- they don't make 'em like this anymore!  -- are all available.

So are sections of the railings.  We've been asked what you can do with the railing (other than use it for railing...)

Well, I have a short section that frames up my window plants.  Who knows who leaned over this railing when it was in place in the Rotunda?   The rich and famous flocked here. From its opening in 1920 Bigwin was THE place to go, attracting the likes of flying ace Billy Bishop, Group of Seven painter Franklin Carmichael; Glenn Gould, Ernest Hemingway, Donna Douglas, Clark Gable, the Rockefellers, William Wrigley (of Wrigley’s gum) and several Prime Ministers. During World War II, after the Netherlands fell, Her Royal Highness Princess Juliana spent her summers at Bigwin. The Constitution of the Netherlands was held in the office safe while she was in residence.  Bondi Village held a close connection to Bigwin.  The gravel that built the Inn came from our hill.

Bigwin Inn still carries with it the romance of its past glory.  You can find photos of the Inn here .

And if you'd like one of those windows, you can get in touch with Nancy... who chairs the Heritage Committee.  Just a word of caution, we don't deliver...

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