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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Strawberry Fields

Walked up the road tonight to our Pioneer Fields.  Just across from the Firehall, this lovely doe went on 'high alert' when she saw me.  She didn't run far, just into the bush.  Two other deer were also up there, and leapt off into the bracken fern.

The lilac tree that is part of the memorial garden up there is just coming into bloom. This is a different type of French lilac, which blooms much later than our indigenous ones.  It is quite striking.  and yes, it is also fenced to keep it away from the hungry mouths of the deer.

By the end of the week, it should be in full bloom.  Down at the Resort, the Mock Orange tree is covered with blossom and smells wonderful.

But so do the back fields.  The wild strawberries are ripe -- they are tiny tiny tiny, but the flavour makes them well worth the gathering. Hiding under the leaves, they can be hard to spot, but the whole field smells of strawberries.

Just in time to welcome back our monarch butterflies, the milkweed is putting on its own flower show.  We've seen some monarchs flitting about already. They will be laying eggs on the milkweed now, and hopefully there will be a HUGE crop of these lovely butterflies later in the season.

The blackberries are in bloom in the back field as well. The blueberries are done blooming and are starting to set fruit.  All of which makes a walk through the fields a smorgasbord experience.

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  1. I've found wild strawberries, too! I was surprised. And the raspberries are getting ready to go. Gotta soak up each day!