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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Leopard Frog a Leaping!

Named for the spots across their green backs, northern leopard frogs used to be just about the most common frog around.  I remember, as a kid, collecting them in the corners of the bay, or in the tall grass, just about anywhere -- we'd very carefully handle them, hold frog races at the dock, and set them all free again. Along with the big bullfrogs, these were the most commonly seen frogs here at Bondi (the spring peepers make a lot of noise, but are hard to spot, because they are so tiny and come out at dusk).

Not any more.  Massive declines of these frogs began in the early 1970s, particularly in Canada and the western United States, significantly reducing their numbers. They are now on the Threatened Species list.  That's horrible news. Scientists have not determined the cause of the declines, but it is likely a combination of ecological factors: pollution, deforestation, and water acidity.

We currently seem to have quite a few of them, hanging out -- like this one -- in the creek near the hangar, and in the boggy springs and waterways coming onto the Northwest side of the property.  We're delighted about that, and we cherish each and every one of them.  Frogs around the globe seem to be in decline, and that's bad news -- and not just for frogs.

So we're trying to do our part, by preserving natural areas that are frog-friendly.  And by discouraging any passing princesses from kissing our frogs. Princes we've got... frogs are harder to come by.

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