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Friday, July 15, 2011

Andy's Challenge

There was some jostling and debate as it all got itself organized, but Andy got 'em into shape...

The challenge? Two teams, of varying ages and stages -- dive from the dock, swim around the rafts
(the "big kids" had to come down the raft slide too!)

There were designated dock watchers, keeping an eye on those too tiny to be participating and a whole host of 'spotters' keeping an eye on the swimmers and canoes.  Everybody down at the beach got involved.

From there, carry buckets of water to the top of the sand pile and fill some big buckets... grab a frisbee and get it up the hill into one of the Frisbee golf targets... run back to the beach... lifejackets on, and into the war canoe to paddle around the far raft and back to the beach.

Can you say "commotion?"  It was all good fun, and once they'd been through it once, the teams were keen to go again, to see if they could improve on their performance, particularly the paddling skills.

Andy and his family are over here from Oxfordshire, England, and this Relay was his brainchild, and he had a great time organizing it. The guests had a lot of fun participating. That's what summer's about -- making your own cheer!

Thanks Andy, for making this fly!

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