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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Happy Birthday Brian

Happy Birthday, Brian... or as he is known, Management Services, Bondi Maintenance Dept.because there is really nothing of importance that he cannot fix, repair, engineer or build.

He's the one who keeps the enormous physical plant that is Bondi running. He knows where the water systems are... and has the ability to dig 'em up if they go wrong... to ensure that they keep providing clean fresh water, no matter what.

He knows how the generators work, which keep our lights on when Hydro lets us down.  How to tap the maple trees in the sugar bush, and produce gret syrup. How to drive every machine, from tractor, bulldozer, horse trailer, excavator, lawn mower...

He knows how to keep the snow off the driveways, and groomed to perfection on 21 km. of ski and snowshoe trails, despite what Mother Nature tosses in his direction.  He's brought Bondi into the new century, with solar panels, solar water systems, green efficiencies everywhere. Taught generations of kids how to waterski...
He gets the best aerial photographs, ever, from his Piper Cub, although he never gets enough time aloft.
He's been to England, Australia, New Zealand, Hawaii, Alaska, Florida and points in between just to name a few.  He's got a great wife, and a great son. (and a great sister, says she, typing this)

 And great friends --  many of them through the extended Bondi family.

July 14th is his 60th birthday...

Our observation on birthdays? Well, he who has the most birthdays wins... for one.
And for another, there are really only four stages: First you love them... then you put up with them... then you don't love them so much... and then you don't have them anymore (which can be bad -- it means no cake, none at all...)

So here's to you, Big Brother.  Let's all get older... you go first...


  1. 60 years old??? Do you have a picture in your attic that looks like hell? You look EXACTLY the same as you did during those endless summers (actually it was 2 weeks) when we stayed at Bondi in the '60s. I wish I could say that about the rest of us. In all your photos, you look so happy. That too is a precious commodity, or gift. Can you sell it on Craigstlist? Of course not. It's priceless. (Happy birthday!)

  2. Happy Belated Birthday Brian! Is that Chippy in the last picture? Let him we'll be there in a little while and can't wait to see him too!