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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Jump to It!

There was a whole lot of splashing going on at the dock Friday -- Nathan and Tim started the splash going, running and jumping off the end of main dock.

Both the boys demonstrated tremendous glee in getting wet. Which was hardly suprising: the lake was hovering around 85 degrees F in the shallows, and they had been pretty well immersed in the water all day long.

Nathan demonstrated extraordinarily fine form in the cannonball.  We were duly impressed (and if we stood too close, duly dampened!)

Watching the boys have this much fun was just more than some of our other guests could bear.

Shannon, heading out for the daily swim to the Point, joined in the fun with a flying leap of her own.  Gorgeous!

That got Michelle going, in the shallow water, tossing Samantha way up into the air, to return with a big splash.  Brian had the ski boat out, taking guests skiing and tubing, but from his expression watching the splashing at the dock, he'd have preferred to be one of those bombing off the dock into the water!

Certainly, Dave and Mike -- who not only snuck in a quick ski themselves but who were on the dock teaching skiing and helping with the tubing rides -- couldn't quite resist.

Nor could the kids who were playing on the new raft slide.  Yet another way to just Jump to It and get in the Lake!

After all, we wait all year for summer in Canada:  It's not the longest season, but certainly the sweetest, and up here, it is all about Lake, the families, and the memories the two make together.

So Jump to It!  Last one in is the only one dry!

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