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Sunday, July 31, 2011

There's a Smile in the Box

Following their week at Bondi, Sylva sent us something called a Smilebox. We confess, we'd never encountered one of these before, but oh, what fun!

It opens as an album, complete with pictures and captions, room for people to write in other comments.  She titled it Sun, Sun, Sun and filled it up with pictures from their Bondi vacation.

It's wonderful.  It's the sort of thing that makes the Internet worthwhile.

There were 29 photos, of the family doing all sorts of great things.  Sylva wrote

"We all had a great time last week.

Our favorite was Kyle holding poor starving (?) artist, Napster, while he (Napster) did his magic.

Thank you for ordering up the nice weather for us, we would like the same next year, with a little cooler nights please.

The kids say “hi” to Kyle, and the kids hope he is ready for some serious sand castle building next year.

Allison says this was our best summer at Bondi ever."

Thank you so much for sharing your summer memories with us -- this is what makes us SMILE, for sure!  We are already looking forward to welcoming you home next summer.

And we're sure Napster's painting of  Zyba the Peacock is going to be one of his best sellers!


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