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Monday, April 14, 2014

Choogling.. just ahead of the Meltdown

Eric asked late last week if there was any 'life' left in the ski trails.  That made me pause -- in fact, late last week, there was still at least a foot and half, often more than that, of snow on the trails and just a little less in the fields.  Corn snow -- not the best conditions, and certainly not what we might describe as groomed and track set. That equipment has been away for a while now.  But not wanting to dampen Eric's enthusiam, we gave him an accurate assessment of the conditions, and he suggested he might like to just give it one more Go before hanging up his skiis for this season.

He sent us this fabulous video, Choogling from Hawke Lake, the Descent...  

Now Hawke Lake is located at the top of a big hill.  It is currently home to a very industrious beaver or two (who came out to say Hello to Brian and David when they were up there recently)  To get there involves a good 3/4 km. climb.  To get down involves a good 3/4 km descent...

Thanks very much Eric for sharing the video with us -- we love your enthusiasm, both for skiing and for our Bondi trails!

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  1. I haven't been on my skis since late March... it feels like the season really is over.