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Monday, April 21, 2014

The Fog Came In

According to Brian's "Flood State Indicator" (aka calibrated stick. Aka Ruler) we are up another inch of water.  Still not in any emergency state. Despite record snow levels, the melt has been downright civilized up here, in part because there was so little frost in the ground and the swamps weren't frozen solid, so there were places the meltwater could go.  Don't mistake me, the swamps were well and truly frozen during the -30 degree weather we 'enjoyed', but last year we got a series of Winter Thaws that caused the swamps to freeze hard almost all the way to the bottom. This year, the ice came in early, and the snow on top acted as insulation, leaving a wider layer of liquid water under that ice.

Today it hit 18 degrees around noon, and then began to drizzle. When that warm rain hit the cold ice, the fog came in. Forget coming in on little cat feet, a la Carl Sandberg's famous poem. This fog simply rose up from the ice, more like a curtain than a cat.

A pair of Canada geese zoomed in to land at the open water by the main dock.  'Geese' is fighting words for Taffy... She was down the hill and onto the dock almost as fast as the rising fog. "all of you geese, get off of my dock!!" she seemed to say. They took the hint. If you squint a bit, you can just see them moving away from the dock.

Not that you can see much else.  Beyond Taffy is the line of the ice. Beyond that is the Point, the big square boathouse, the Island, and the far shore.   Good luck with spotting that.

The fog made for interesting backdrops. This tree in front of Cedars cottage created a study in black and white -- the line of the trees on the Point floating like a mirage beyond it.

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  1. The fog gives the shots a very mysterious kind of quality.