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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Off Road. Way Off.

 "What?" Taffy seemed to say ... Is that a car on my lake???

Yep.  Now, this post should carry disclaimers. Such as "closed track. Professional Drivers," and the like.

We do state that before trying anything like this, you MUST know the ice. You must check where you are going to be.  In this instance, with nearly three feet of solid ice still on our bay, Brian and Mike were well within tolerance limits.

Even if they left Taffy astounded.
 Driving on the lakes in Spring is a bit of a tradition.  I can remember learning how to control a skid out on the lake with my Dad, in our old station wagon, back when I was learning to drive. Safer than trying to practice it on a road, that was for sure!
 You certainly wouldn't want to be out there if the ice was slushy, or crusted over, or... worst case... thin.   But on a day like today, it was just plain fun.

And a bit of an old tradition.

Back in the late 1950's early 1960s, there used to be a popular event on the Lake of Bays, called 'Dice on Ice.'   Flags were dug into the ice to set a rally track, and folks came for the day with their cars to race the course.

(take note of our boathouse at the cookout beach at Springside in the distance in this picture)

This shot shows some of the rally flags in the foreground, and the Bondi farmhouse in the background. This was before the Lodge was built in the mid-1960s.   There aren't many trees!

The cars in this photo are lined up while the drivers went up to the farmhouse for lunch.

Taking our critters along for the ride also seems to be an old Bondi tradition.  Here's Paul, out on the lake with his car, ready to rally, with Mandy along as the co-pilot.


  1. Those cars of the past sure look good! I'm surprised the cat would tolerate being in a car.

  2. You can see the old house, but there's no Pine, Tamarack or Longside, which were to come later. Exactly when did Tamarack get added?

    1. I am checking the dates with Brian. Longside was built in 1960 (at least the first incarnation)