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Monday, April 14, 2014

Rivers Run

 Brian reports that the Lake rose 1.5" between 7 am and 6 pm yesterday so it is now at 1'9.5" below its normal summer level.  He's keeping an eye on his calibrated stick at the main dock.
It has been raining fairly steadily since yesterday afternoon. That was the chapter in which we learned that Taffy's raincoat is much more efficient than mine.  When warm wet air meets the cold ice on the lake, we get fog. Lots and lots of fog.  That is Beaver's dock in the distance. You can see it if you squint a little.
Looking the other way, there is the boathouse at Springside -- somewhere.  You can see how low the lake level has been drawn down at the Baysville dam to allow for this spring melt. So far so good... but the levels will rise rapidly today with a lot of warm rain falling quite heavily off and on.  We had our first thunderstorm of the year last night too.

 It's not bad news for everyone, this spring melting thing.  At the mouth of the Boyne River in Dwight, a whole flock of mergansers were gathered. In their gorgeous mating plumage of brilliant white and dark green, they were enjoying the current of the river pouring into the bay, bringing lots of food for fishing ducks.

In the back left corner of the photo, beyond the ducks resting on the ice floe, you can see the thin gray line of the Oxtongue River working its way out into the middle of Dwight Bay. The Boyne and Oxtongue should meet up any day now!

The Boyne River is well over its banks. This photo is just by the entrance to Dwight.

Marsh's Falls is running fast and high. But keep in mind that at the height of the flood last April, the water was almost at the very top of the embankment, so there is still quite a bit of room before we reach anything like that level!

Here's another look, downstream from the Falls.

On the Seabreeze Road, last year's big flood took out the road at the Creek.  This was taken today, and while the water is very high, the new culverts are handling it.

Farther along Seabreeze Road, the beaver is doing his part to hold back the rapidly rising water.  For the sake of the road, we hope his dam building certification is up to code!!


  1. There is a lot of water, but not like last year, at least not yet. Hopefully it doesn't happen again anytime soon.

  2. "calibrated stick" Is that anything like a ruler?

    1. a ruler is a bit more technical, I think... and probably involves metric on one side, imperial on the other... anyway, we like the sound of calibrated stick... sounds more rustically engineered. :)