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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Upping the Game

 Go poke back into yesterday's posts to see how Ten Mile Creek at Seabreeze looked just one day ago.

Today, it had overrun the banks and the culverts, and was pouring over the road -- you can see in the distance where water found its level, so to speak.  And spare a moment of sorrow for the poor chap who has once again had his driveway washed out...

The culverts are running at capacity today.  The Township came in with sandbags and an excavator and was able to coax the overflowing water back into the banks and direct it to the culverts. They are watching this section of road very closely.    Down at Baysville, the situation at Burlemarie Road seems to be quite a bit better - but up here at Seabreeze, the Ten Mile Creek seems to be running unusually high compared to the rest of the waterways.

You can see by the tattletale line of ice on the trees just how high up the bank and over the road the water was flowing.

 Oh, and speaking of ice on the trees, did we mention that last night we did NOT get to see the lunar eclipse. Instead we were treated to the April Blizzard -- a freakishly annoying snowstorm that arrives every year, usualy in April. (occasionally in May, but let us not dwell on that!)

This snow won't last, but it sure made the place look clean and shiny! Covered up all that mud...

And was cold enough to snap the ice back into place at the main dock.

The water level is rising in Lake of Bays. Steadily. And fairly rapidly.  I was told today that the MNR measurements show the flow over the Baysville dam today to be 11,000 gallons per minute (gpm).  Which is impressive.

Except that the flow at the Oxtongue River was 12,582 gpm.

And that doesn't include the Boyne, Ten Mile Creek, Kawagama and the other tributaries and creeks that are leaping joyfully downhill to the lake.    Elementary math
tells us that the Lake of Bays is filling up.

Just compare the level on Brian's 'calibrated stick' at the dock to yesterday's photo...

And yes, Ed Long, a calibrated stick is also known as a ruler, but it sounds wayyy cooler. And a ruler is probably a tad more accurate. And in metric...  So we're going with the calibrated stick thing.

It is interesting to watch the water level rise along the shore.

Yesterday, the water was half way out the dock. Today, Taffy was a bit surprised to discover just how little lakebed she had to sniff about on.

Looking towards Clover and Springside, the water is up to the end of the sailboat ramp, so we've got a good marker for tomorrow's comparison!

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  1. Wow! Terrific shots!

    We got the same system of snow a few hours later, through most of the day.