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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Stuck in the Snow

Spring. Everything starts to move. Creeks, rivers, and wildlife!

Deer are everywhere right now, so drive with great care especially at dusk. A friend reported counting 31 on her drive home from Huntsville recently. We seem to have one hanging about at the resort no matter the time of day.

In Algonquin, moose are coming out to the road edge, hungry for the salt that they have been missing all winter, and browsing on the brackish plants growing at the road's edge.  There is still a LOT of snow.

Last week Darryl Semeniuk was in Algonquin in one of those cases that are 'right place, right time.'  Or 'wrong place, wrong time' depending on which side of the tale you are on.  A moose had become literally stuck in a deep ditch full of snow at the road's edge, and Darryl stopped to try to help it struggle out. 

When the moose did muscle its way out of the snow-clogged ditch onto the roadside, it was exhausted.  So it did what tired moose do... it lay down. Right there. In the video you can see it's sides heaving as it gets its breath back before clambering to its feet and walking away.    You can also see the patches of rubbed hair on the winter coat -- these are caused by moose rubbing at the itchy bits left by moose ticks, and are quite common.  In really horrible tick infestations, moose will rub away their entire winter coat -- but that never ends well for the moose.

Thanks to Darryl for not only being a moose samaritan, but for sharing this video with us.  If the video doesn't open for you well here, it is on our Bondi Village Resort facebook page.  Worth watching.

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  1. Amazing video, and very good of Darryl to help him out.

    I can just imagine how that would tire the poor moose out!