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Sunday, February 1, 2015

An Eye on the Deer

 You don't have to go far to see wildlife here. In fact, it's a bit like that old adage about Paris -- if you wait long enough, the entire world will pass by.

This past week, a wolf jogged across the road in front of one of our neighbours -- paused for the
requisite moment to be totally admired -- jogged off into the bush.

Out at the point (just past the boathouse in this picture) a pair of Bald Eagles settled down for the afternoon in a bit hemlock.

And the deer, well, they are here all the time it would seem.  Brian passed this duo as he returned with the snowmobile from checking on the fish huts.

They have discovered that the birds at the feeder are, to be blunt, sloppy, and there is always something needed to be vacuumed up to keep the place tidy.  They now have a well worn trail bringing them to the 'dining area'.  Above stairs (so to speak) at the feeders, it is a hum of activity with woodpeckers, bluejays, chickadees and nuthatches. And let us not even try to count the squirrels... (Taffy has been counting them... it is giving her a headache)

Even taking a photo through the window gets some remarkable pictures!

The does are looking good -- well covered and not ribby. Their coats are thick and shiny.  Those coats (with hollow hairs) provide the most remarkable insulation against even the worst of the winter weather.   The BMD had to fell a few trees last week, and the deer were on hand to clean up the tips of the branches, where the buds are packed with energy they need to get them through the winter.

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  1. The closeup shots are beautiful and crisply detailed. They would do the same thing at my parents' place near there, with the feed falling from the feeders. You could see them very closely from the basement windows.