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Friday, February 20, 2015

"Too Too Too" Cute

Here's looking at you, kid...
 These photos were all taken by our friend Gloria Woodside.

Everyone loves welcoming the Wild into their lives if they live up here in the Great White North, it seems.

This saw-whet owl (the name is because one of the calls they make sounds like a saw being sharpened)  They also have  a distinctive 'too too too' call. Surf over to the link and have a little listen...

I sound like WHAT????
One of the smallest of the owls, they are too adorable for words, and very hard to spot because they are so little and prefer to be out and about after dark.

Described as having a cat-like face, over-sized head and bright yellow eyes, these little guys are positively bursting with attitude.  And don't let looks fool you -- for mice and other small mammals, these owls are anything BUT cute. Fierce, silent hunters, they are among the most common of the owls, and their high pitched too-too-too call is common in the evenings, if you know enough to be quiet and listen.

These are wonderful daytime photos of one of our favourite visitors! thanks for sharing them Gloria!

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