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Sunday, February 15, 2015

Best Things, Dept.

One of the best parts of winter in North Muskoka is the winter carnivals that spring up in all the small towns. Seems like everywhere has one, and gosh, they are fun, no matter what your age.

Dwight hosted their Winter Carnival this weekend. 

 It kicked off on Friday, with Kids' Kapers, and went all day Saturday (and we do mean ALL day -- after the Carnival events were finished for the day, you just had time for a nap and a quick dinner before it was off to the Yuk Yuk's and the Carnival Dance!)  
Then Sunday it wrapped up on the lake at Dwight, with snowmobile drag races and helicopter rides.  I could hear the helicopter all morning here at Bondi, since we are just the other side of the big hill from Dwight. Sounded like it was busy with rides!

The Saturday events start with the Dwight Lions' Club hosting a pancake breakfast -- and nobody does pancake breakfast better than our Lions!   

The Bob Palmer award for Service to the Community was presented, this year to Gwen Sykes.  A magician took to the stage, to delight the little ones.

Outside there were classic winter carnival games, from pairs board skiing to nail driving. Along with the classics, there were body zorbs to roll around in, a gyro to spin you dizzy, and local archery enthusiasts to take you through basic archery (one or two budding Katniss Everdeens emerged)

The competitive Logger Sport team from Sir Sandford Fleming college in Lindsay were on hand, fresh from competing in the Maritimes, and put on a terrific show for the crowd.

There were pony rides, a long lovely sleigh ride all the way to Dwight Beach and back, Moose Tongues and even Irwin, the Mascot.

In general, people like to moan about winter, but if you dress properly, you can be outside all winter long.  Carnivals like this offer such good fun and experiences for kids of all ages!

throwing the axe at the Logger Sports demo
Here are a few more photos of the action!  Congratulations to the organizers, you did a fantastic job. It is the community coming together to help that makes these events really sing, and this year, you collectively hit a home run!

If you missed the Dwight Carnival, Dorset holds it's Snowball Festival NEXT weekend.  So come on up. Don't miss out.

mini golf... never mind the snow!
Robin Tapley caught this sensational shot of one of the sleds taking part in the radar run Drag races at Dwight on Sunday

One of our neighbours, Sharon, got this lovely pic of her grandkids driving the team to Dwight!

Body zorbs!  note: if you fall, you probably need help to get back up!

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  1. When my parents lived in the area, they would take this in every winter, as much as they could. They mentioned the pancake breakfasts!