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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Lighting up our Lives

The Weather Network tells us that there is chance to see Northern Lights tonight, Feb. 28.

We'll take that. We'll take ANY chance to see the Lights. We don't always get to see them this far south of the Pole, and they are always worth getting up and getting out to see.
While the Northern Lights are still classed as "just a chance", there's something in the sky that is for certain sure, given that it is a spectacularly clear night -- and that is the spectacle of the waxing gibbous moon dancing along with Gemini and Jupiter.
Although that moon will be bright enough to scrub out a lot of the skies from the night sky, there are at least three that should be able to stand up to the moon's glare.  Castor and Pollux, in the constellation Gemini can shine through the light.  So can Procyon (the Little Dog Star) and Sirius (the Big Dog Star)
And just as in Dirty Dancing "Nobody puts Baby in the corner," there is nothing that can dim Jupiter from the night sky.  Just east of the Moon, the 'king planet' is far brighter than any star (except the sun, which is tricky to see at night)
The moon will also not be able to wash out all our Northern stars -- so the Big Dipper (the Great Bear) and the Little Dipper and the North Star should all be visible.  We're going out with our green star laser to make sure our guests know which star is which.  
Maybe we'll get to see the northern lights... maybe we'll hear the wolves howl... maybe the barred owl will give us a passing hoot...  Or maybe it will just be us, out there under a clear night sky on the last day of February, with stars overhead. 
Either way -- it makes for great evening!!

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