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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Everybody has to Eat. Warning: Some People will find the images disturbing

'holy', said Taffy... sniffing... She's a funny little thing. She
did a careful assessment of the carcass, then marked over the
wolf pee... as if to warn that THIS is her property and
they should take care.
 The wolves brought down a deer two nights ago, over at the western edge of the property, close to the lake. (just past Farside cottage, where the path goes through the woods)

Beaver, moose and deer are the staple food for the Algonquin timber wolves, and it takes a lot of meat to keep a pack fed.  This is not disturbing the balance of nature, or putting the deer at risk of extinction, this is the way Nature works.

That kill will feed not only the entire wolf pack, but ravens, foxes and even the bald eagle.  Who, we are chuffed to report, did a fly-by yesterday across the front of the Lodge, absolutely delighting Alex and his family who saw the bird from the living room windows. Wow.

It was the ravens who gave David the 'heads up' that there was something there, and he went to explore.  The ravens were not impressed that he had dropped by, because they had to leave (in their world, he is a larger predator than they are. They will back off.  In his world, he doesn't eat raw frozen venison... they have nothing to worry about in that department.

Give the wolves another day or so, and there will be nothing left. They don't waste.

There were eight deer tonight out on the lake.  I don't know where the wolf pack spent the day... but we'll be out tonight several times looking for possible northern lights.  Perhaps they will sing...

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  1. The wolves do make good work of it. I find myself wondering what Taffy makes of it, sniffing away at it.