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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Running with the Dogs

Uri and Yaara were here for several days over Christmas, with their family and friends -- some visiting from Israel! They were looking for Canadian Winter, and they sure found it!  Yaara sent us these photos, taken on Boxing Day, of the family enjoying time at the Haliburton Forest Reserve, visiting the Wolf Centre and going out with the Sled Dogs.
There are few things out there that are more friendly than the Haliburton Sled Dogs. They love their job. Huskies are born to run and love the cold.   Controlling a team of dogs takes more than a little skill, strength and balance, but these dogs are very co-operative, and most of the group had the chance to try their hand at the 'driver's wheel.'
Dogs running are fast. Until you've been clinging on to the back of the sled, you don't really realize just how fast they can travel.  And while there is usually a lot of singing and howling going on before the start, once the dogs start to run, they are pretty quiet... which gives an unparalleled opportunity to really come to grips with the winter woods.
Their very happy faces -- both people and husky -- tell the story.

And the dogs were very willing to return the thank-you hugs.

Sled dogs helped to open up northern Canada. In many places they are still the mode of transportation, and are often more reliable than a snowmobile.

During the winter months, there are several Sled Dog Derbies that run in the region, where you can watch them racing. And there are several providers that will take you out for a day like this. Or overnight ... or even an extended trip of several days for those who want to try winter camping.  If the nights get too cold, you can always toss another husky on top of the sleeping bag !

The Haliburton Forest Reserve does more than offer great sled rides in winter.   They are also home to the Haliburton Wolf Centre, a fifteen acre compound tht houses a pack of wild timber wolves.  The Centre features a movie theatre, museum and gift shop. More importantly, it boasts a fantastic viewing area, with one-way glass and full sound-proofing, where visitors can watch the wolves, without the wolves being disturbed.

This last picture shows two of the Centre wolves, looking back at the Visitor Centre. Not perhaps as sociable and friendly as their long-descended husky cousins, but very much part of our Canadian wilderness heritage.

We are fortunate at Bondi Village that we have fantastic places like this within an hour's drive that can provide such incredible experiences for our guests.  We know that this family will never forget their Canadian winter sled ride!

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  1. I haven't actually been there, but I know of the place. Excellent pics, and quite an experience!

    That first pic is just priceless.