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Monday, March 9, 2015

Clean up on Aisle Four

On Feb. 28 we put up a post (with rather graphic photos) of a deer that had been killed by the wolf pack at the edge of our property. There is really no way to make a partially eaten deer look good.

It has been a week, and we're adding to that post, to show just how swiftly, and how completely, the wild ones clean up after themselves.

That deer fed not only the pack of wolves, but the local fox, a pair of bald eagles, untold numbers of ravens. This at a time when there isn't much to eat out there, with the land still locked down in snow and ice. At a time when the animals are as tired of the cold as we are, and even more tired of the struggle to find food.

So yes, we are sad for the deer, who didn't get to see Spring come this year.  But we have to be okay with it, because it is Nature's way, and the means by which the other animals survive.

Today, when we walked over to check up on the clean-up efforts, there was nothing left. Nothing. Seriously.   Just packed down snow, and some stain. Not even a single scrap of fur remains.  

Nothing went to waste.   We should be so lucky when we describe our own lifestyles.

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  1. It is nature's way, and even the smallest of critters get something out of the remains. It doesn't take long.