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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Tagging Bear Cubs in Algonquin Park

This post is for those of you (oh beloved readers) who for whatever reason did NOT have the chance to watch Rick Mercer, from CBC's The Mercer Report, tramp about in the snow in Algonquin recently. He was helping the naturalists tag and radio collar black bears -- a task best performed this time of year, when the bears are in their winter quarters.

And he got to "play" with the six week old cubs. That alone means he is officially on our "We're So Jealous!" list.

The photo of the much older bear cub in silhouette up a tree in front of Nancy's house is as close as we ever get to bear cubs. To be able to pick one up, and cuddle his six week old little self, well, the only time you get to do this sort of thing is with the scientific team collecting data. Bears in the wild are just that, wild, and dangerous to approach. Nor do we want them to get used to being around people.

But we firmly believe everyone should have the chance to watch Rick participate in this highly technical procedure, complete with aluminum snow shovel and jab stick...

So here is the link to Rick and the Bear Cubs


  1. What a great shot! I did see that Rick Mercer episode and it was amazing. But Nancy -- a bearcub in a tree outside of your house . . . that's a little close to home. I hope that you didn't have any pies cooling on your windowsill.

  2. Wendy, he was just a little guy, in the willow tree at the lake. We see them fairly often in the autumn when the apples are ripe. They don't want to bother you... and we sure don't bother them!!!