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Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Tree of Shame

I have to say that the Chickens (all of the Bobs) are mightily relieved. Dale has returned.
Dale runs the Agro-Centre, the grocery store for all the animals' needs and wants around here. He and Jan make sure the Bobs' dish is never empty, that the horses aren't dropping condition anytime soon... that the wild birds are lined up along the deck for the feeders. If it grows in a garden, or eats out of a garden, the Agro-Centre in Huntsville can help you take care of it.

In a bid to escape winter, Dale and 7 of his good buddies saddled up their motorcycles and headed off for a Road Trip. Tennessee was the destination -- and they were just ahead of a winter storm.

Heinz provided this picture of Dale at the Tree of Shame, in Deals' Gap, Tennessee. This is the tree where motorcycle mishaps come to be commemmorated. Now, we hasten to add, Dale didn't have to contribute anything to the tree, but one of the group did. Tim left his very expensive gloves in his helmet there, and a wandering dog helped himself to the fingers. It was an expensive bit of dog kibble, and Tim regretfully fastened the gloves to the tree.

Dale tells me there are only 5 miles of straight roads in all of Tennessee. He also tells me that at Deals Gap, there are 318 curves in the road in the space of just 11 miles. Now, a friend of mine from England, travelling north with me from Pearson, once asked mournfully, "does this road EVER bend?" "Yep," we replied, "there's a curve at Gravenhurst." Perhaps we should have taken him to Deals Gap! Think of it... 318 curves, 11 miles... a motorcycle...

Which is why, Norm pointed out, Dale's knuckles are still clenched...

All the same, welcome back, boys, and thanks for sharing some of your memories!

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  1. Wow...if your friend thought the road north from Toronto was boring, best not to try the 401 southwest to Windsor. Not only straight and flat, there is nothing but flat farmland on either side.