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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sheep Art... Who Knew???

Nancy was in Ireland, judging at the Necarne Castle Horse Trials a year back. This was a fabulous trip, which made her feel she had segued into a Jane Austen novel ... spending the day at Necarne Castle with fine horses, fantastic countryside and outstanding Irish weather, then returning to Belle Isle Castle to dress for dinner with just the best group of people you could hope to spend time with. It was tremendous fun. As part of the trip, she was treated to a demonstration of true championship working sheepdogs. Watching them handle their flock, following subtle directions from the shepherd, was like watching a work of art. It was almost enough to convince her that what we need here at Bondi is a flock of sheep (we haven't had any here for years and years, since Bondi was truly a farm!) and a brace of well trained border collies.

Watching this video has simply lent some lustre to that dream... Be sure to let your kids watch this one. These Welsh shepherds and their dogs have moved their flock of sheep into a whole new realm.

Sheep have become, truly, an art form.


  1. Sheep at Bondi... what a great idea!! I bet Karen at Sheepstrings in Dwight would have a field day with your fibre (roving). You should really think about having a few sheep. Think about all the grass that Brian wouldn't have to cut.

  2. Of course, if we had sheep, we'd have sheep jokes... like being 3 sheep to the wind... or having to sheep up or sheep out... and we'd need the proverbial black sheep...
    And names: would we have a Lamburghini? It could be worse than the Clam Race (or better!)