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Thursday, August 1, 2013

A Turn of Foot and Harmony: Clam Race 2013

 What a host! Napster came out immediately when the Muskoka Music Men arrived for the Annual Clam Race, the running of the Chowder Bowl.  He got right in on the action, too.  If they'd let him have a microphone, he'd likely have sung some karaoke with them.

Hats come out for the Clam Race as well.
 Taffy and Dave were both looking very debonaire.

Daniel got truly into the spirit with a Fascinating Hairstyle -- it almost qualified as a Fascinator!

While John 'branched out' with his head gear.

We are delighted whenever the Muskoka Music Men can come for any event.  For the Clam Race, they MAKE the day.  Without them, this would just be about clams racing for glory, but with them here making their wonderful harmonies, it becomes a true Event. Our guests very much enjoy them, and you'll see lots of them singing along. And that is what music is all about!

 Shelley and Kitty took over the task of recording and marking the clams. This is a hectic job, as the clams come up to the Start, and they handle it with aplomb.

Our friend Gord Bell, from Beauview Cottage Resort, came over to enter a clam and cheer the racers on.  He assisted Brian, our resident Clamologist, with the task of "marching down the clams" to the start line. Numbered clams nestle in the 'official' muffin tin that helps keep them sorted into numerical order for an orderly placing on the start line.

Mike and Dave were on duty for the official Fireworks that mark the start of the race and signal to the underwater clams that it is time to extend that foot and get going.

Once clams are running, it is all about enjoying the Music Men, some camaraderie and munchies and the softness of the evening before we all gather again in the morning for the Official Finish, when Brian will measure the tracks and we'll see which Clam ran farthest.

That is followed by presentation of the very coveted "Chowder Bowl."  Clams have raced at Bondi for 28 years, and our guests tell us that their Clam Race medals and trophies have pride of place in their homes. No surprise there...  

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