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Friday, August 2, 2013

All About the Boaters

Swimmers don't care if it's raining. They, after all, are likely to be wet anyway.

For us, the heroes of the morning were the intrepid folk who came out to provide support to the swimmers in kayaks, canoes and paddleboats.

Fran had a smile that no drizzly day could dim. She has never missed a Marathon Swim while staying with us, and we are always happy to have her paddling alongside. 

John and his canoe are a trademark in the bay while they are here.  He was canny enough to dress for the weather conditions.  More than can be said for me, in the "official support boat."

While mostly it simply drizzled and threatened, there was a stretch in there when it downright rained.  As Al said, from his green canoe, it was lovely, the way the rain pinged up off the lake surface in tiny pearls, and the patterns it made.  Lovely, absolutely.  But damp.

Never mind. Weather is always worse when seen through a window. It wasn't cold out there, and the swimmers had the most wonderful time.

Tim was our youngest swimmer, at 11, coming from the Island this week. He swam with his dad Marcus and his grandma Arlene -- who has been coming to Bondi for 40 years, and estimates this must be her 80th Island Swim.  Uncle Al was right alongside with the green canoe, cheering him on.

It was a keen group from the Island -- Marcus, Patrick, Tim, Arlene, Maria, Arlene and Shelley.

Jane and Charles kept pace with Patrick -- and he swam at a pace that kept them paddling!

And what can we say about Shelley? She swims every day. A few years ago, she embarked on a program that let her chart her distances, translating them onto a world map. With one mile in the water equal to ten miles on the map, Shelley swam down the Mississippi River (in a pool!)  As she reached each new landmark, there would be celebration with the appropriate wines and foods from the region she'd reached, all marked with a huge Cajun Celebration when she finally "swam" into the Delta.  She has now "virtually swum" several of the world's big rivers, although she does not recommend the Amazon -- you have to swim way too far before you reach any landmarks or wineries...
 Taffy stayed vigilant despite the rain playing havoc with her "do".  I was glad to have her along, as I was pretty soaked out there, not having been bright enough to take an umbrella or a rain jacket, and just sitting still let me get rather chilly. She came and snuggled right up to me, keeping me warm, if not dry.

So this is a huge cheer for our wonderful guests who come out in the boats to make the swim work for everyone.  We love you all!

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  1. Quite a day!

    Taffy does look quite wet and disagreeable, but as stoic as ever.