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Friday, August 9, 2013

Fifteen Minutes of Fame

 Zander is a local journalist, who is writing a piece about Frisbee Golf in Muskoka. Which of course lead him to us.  We have had a course since 2008, and over the years it has expanded to 12 targets, plus a four target 'putting green' on the front lawn.

It's a great game. Equipped with 3 standard frisbees -- one for long distance, one for mid-distance and a 'putter' -- the athlete strides out to the tee. And counts the number of throws it takes to land the putter into the target basket.

We grabbed Mike, one of our wonderful guests, to be our Model.  Nancy had serious camera envy, and is looking forward to seeing what shots Zander captured. 

Once Mike had his eye in at the lawn targets, it was across the road with us. Brian came along to join the play. And we soon had Zander with his camera slung over his shoulder so he too could 'have a go.'

There is a Pro Tour. And a Semi-Pro tour. We are trying to lure Mike to the dark side, to give up on this graduate school education stuff in order to become a pro frisbee golfer.

We've had some pro players out on our course, who told us it was a great little venue, and they had a blast.  It is not about the bells and whistles, not about manicuring the fairways and planting rhododendrons everywhere and snipping down the greens with a pair of scissors to get the perfect surface. Frisbee golf is very environmentally friendly. It goes through the woods, around bushes, along our toboggan hill, and across the back fields.  You play it where it lays...    Which lead Zander off into the underbrush on a few occasions -- but he had never tried it before, so honestly, he showed great talent and form.

We have had guests come across fawns in the grass, wild turkeys in the field, even a pair of wolves scurrying off the fairway while playing.  Deer are a common addition to the game up there.  And berries -- one of our guests was so distracted by picking blueberries adjacent to the target that she forgot to throw the frisbee...

Walking along one trail to reach the next tee, Brian and Zander shared some tips on how to play.

While Golf has been described as "A Good Walk, Ruined," one would have to think that Frisbee Golf is more of a "Good Walk, with Laughter."

And that's a good thing...

We look forward to our fifteen minutes of fame in Zander's magazine...

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