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Thursday, August 22, 2013

The Kid in all of Us

At the Weekly Cook-out, along with the hots dogs, fresh corn from our garden, veggies, fruit, bonfire, s'mores (and this week cake) we also hold our traditional Seed Spitting Contest.Now there are those who wold consider this juvenile. That is because they lack soul.It's not just about the Kids... this fun little event brings out the Kid in all of us, and the number of folk who come up to the start line is really impressive.
Since they have bred the seeds out of watermelon, we now use popcorn kernels. Clean, plentiful and easy to spot on the dark ground!  Also, easy to spot in this first photo -- I've never managed to capture this moment before with my camera, so many thanks to Rob for being the model!
You can see from Karen's smile that she's having a blast. It doesn't matter if you can hoik that seed an impressive 39 feet, or a more mortal distance, it's just a hoot and a half to have a go!   The kids, of course, are keen to join in, and competition is fierce.  But the adults, well, talk about your competitive instincts!
Of course, sometimes the adults just don't seem to get the respect they deserve from their kids...  Hannah was nearly doubled over watching her Mom Lesley's turn.  We don't know why... we though Lesley demonstrated very elegant form...
Julia, 'spitting for Britain' had never tried her mouth at this sport.  She got a big cheering section, and managed quite a respectable distance.  While not the farthest, it did speak well for her table manners...
Sometimes the cheering section couldn't help getting in on the action. We love how Dominique mirrors her friend Pat's effort...  right down to the 'follow through'.

Special mention always to the guests who help by holding the seed tray, and by measuring the distance.  Dave takes this very seriously...    We think he trains during the year when he is NOT here with us...
Margaret is here from Reykjavik, Iceland, and brought the Viking Warrior Princess approach with her.  She is one of the few who can look fierce and gorgeous while ejecting a seed... so well done Margaret!!!
There is always a break in the Seed Spitting for the Potato Cannons.  This week, Brian tried something different... the introduction of the Zucchinni Cannon. Much to the delight of the ducks and the muskrat... The ammunition, however came apart on launch, and sort of turned into zucchinni fries.

Never mind... the event always draws a cheering crowd!

It is great to have days like this, where we can all be kids again, and enjoy the really simple and slightly silly things that make Life so wonderful.

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