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Thursday, August 29, 2013


 The Seed Spitting contest at the Tuesday Cook-out is serious stuff.  This week, Tom and Gerry were our Officials for the Measurement Department.  They were right into it, intent on getting it correct to the half-inch.
 That's a good thing, because you dont' want to mess about with the distances. You can tell by the concentration on Ben's face how focused the competitors can be.

 And just check out the effort Brynne is putting into this!  (21'4"!!!)
 The audience is on the edge of their seats, too, with lots of cheering and heckling.  Sam had a huge cheering squad.

But to embody the spirit of the Game, you just cannot beat Gerry and Tom, who have been friends for years and co-ordinate their holidays to be here at Bondi at the same time each summer.

When it was their turn to set aside the measuring tape and come to the line, there was nothing for it but to come together.

It was a fine demonstration of Synchro Spitting (which might be a demonstration sport in Sochi)

Check out the lovely 'follow through' of the free leg(s)

It's all competitive, however, no matter how friendly.   Tom's distance of 28'2 just pipped Gerry's 27'3...

No, where else do you get to shake someone's hand and say, "Well Spat."

I mean, really...

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