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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Wolves at the Beach

One of the wolf tracks we found on the
 Sharp eyes spotted these tracks along the shore by the Cook-out beach yesterday.

"Are they Taffy's?" the kids asked.  Well, in a word, No.  There were lots of tracks, of varying sizes, indicating several animals coming for a drink.

We asked Taffy to please walk beside them, for comparison.

Later that night, under the stars, we howled for the wolf pack. The answer was thin, and distant, but later in the evening Benjamin and Nathaniel reported that the pack was in full song.
Which was totally cool.  Other guests have reported hearing the back at unlikely hours of the night -- 11.30 p.m.; 2 a.m.; 4 a.m.

Taffy walked here -- the print is rounder,
the toenails much shorter and less sharp.
Starting next month Algonquin Park will be offering their world famous Wolf Howl programs. August is perhaps the best time of year for those -- the packs are a little more "anchored" by the young pups on the rendezvous sites, and will tend to not only stay in one place -- at least those staying at home to babysit the youngsters -- but be more willing to answer a howl than they are when the pups are very young.

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