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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

When he rides, he RIDES

If you're wondering what to do tomorrow, Feb. 17th, zip on over to the Norway Point Park on Hwy 117 between Dorset and Baysville. Take a chair, because you might be there a while...

Matt Weidinger, from Toronto, will attempt to break a Guinness World record on Lake of Bays on his Yamaha FX Nytro XTX.

How does he plan to get into that celebrated record book? Why, for the furthest distance travelled on a snowmobile in 24 hours.

The record is currently 9 years old, and held by a man in Wisconsin who rode 2262 kilometres. Weidinger says as a 20-year snowmobiler in the Muskoka area, he felt the record should come back to Canada and specifically to Lake of Bays.

In order to break the record, Weidinger must travel an average distance of 100 kilometres an hour. Now there's the catch... there are speed limits on snowmobile trails, and Guinness won't recognize anything that breaks laws. So Matt needs a lake... preferably a big one, where there are no speed limits.

That's a whole lot of trips around Bigwin Island... he estimates over 250... He's planning to 'launch' at 2:30 in the afternoon, so he can get the night riding over while he's still more or less awake.

So if you're in the vicinity, or if you yourself are out setting your own personal snowmobile records on the lake tomorrow, keep an eye out for Matt. Particularly as we get into the final hours of the effort, when he may not be in a wide awake state to keep an eye out for you! He'll be the one going fast!

To each his own... 24 hours almost non-stop on a snowmobile, going around and around isn't really something we'd ever contemplate. But the Guinness Book of Records has seen a lot weirder records over the years, and to each his own.

Good luck. We think... Take a cushion with you, Matt. Keep an eye out for the pressure ridge to the South of Bigwin Island...

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