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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Big Guns

Hidden Valley Highlands Ski Centre opened today.  Conditions, thanks to Mother Nature, were more limited than is usual at this time of year, but they had a run open, and three boxes... and the Bigwin Quad Chair got everyone up the hill fast.

Dave and Mike were there early -- and yes, much to their undisguised glee, they got First Chair. First Run.

They were sharing the hill with lots of good company.  The great deal, $20 to let you Ski All Day merged perfectly with the Ski Fever that has been building up all fall to get people onto the slope!

The Big Gun are out at the Valley -- this is the way we make snow over here, provided the temperature is low enough.  The stockpiles are then spread over the hill and groomed, producing everything from silky smooth fast runs to a half pipe.

There was snow all day today as well, which just added to the fun. 

It was wonderful to see so many people out enjoying the Valley.  I was greeted by several people who pointed out that they knew it was me, bundled up as I was, because they recognized Taffy. We got greeted by cheers and waves from those on the lifts as well as some snowy sliding stops to say Hi as the skiers aced the hill.  I'm not sure what it means when people recognize my dog before they recognize me...

 Taffy was pretty excited to see her first ever skiers, and didn't understand why she, too, could not just Bomb the Hill!

The Ski School was up and running on Day One as well.   Mike knows all about that! He will be teaching at Snow Valley this winter. On their opening day he was called in for On Hill Training, but he's got a couple of years teaching at Grouse notched on his belt now, and before very long they had him out there teaching.

The great technology they use at Hidden Valley means that there will be plenty of fabulous skiing over the Christmas holidays.  Rock Ridge Tubing Park also boasts snow-making equipment, and they are set to open on Boxing Day.

Between the ski hills, tubing park, and the fantastic hiking that is still on offer, there's no shortage of activity.  The indoor skating rinks are also open for the holiday, with plenty of free ice time for families.

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