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Friday, December 23, 2011

Easy, breezy, beautiful...

Well, it took a few years, but here we are on the Cover of the Winter Scene publication!  This picture is from 1962 (when we were very young!) That's Nancy, Rosemary and Brian enjoying some bike adventures on the frozen Bondi Bay. 

Yes, mountain biking is a lot of fun at this time of year -- when the trails are frozen solid and before there's too much snow for those tires.  Frozen lakes are also a great place to ride when conditions are right.

It's one of the more unorthodox ways we play with winter up here.  Brian has a new business card -- in part it reads, Any Resort can Do Summer... Come See what we Do with Winter.

We were featured in the magazine in several other pictures. One of my Mom, Rosemary, with her cat Mandy, taking part in the Dice on Ice car races that used to be popular.  Of course, the ice had to be good for this game -- and not too much snow, so they usually occured in mid-March.

We don't see these any more -- perhaps we've let go of that pioneering spirit, perhaps insurance companies simply blanched at the very concept...  Hard to say. They were fun while they lasted!  Mandy enjoyed taking part, as Chief Cat and Navigator.  I suspect Achmed, who adores riding on car roofs, would also enjoy the speed, the wind in his whiskers, zooming around the Island...

There's another Bondi photo in the magazine.  My Dad, Paul, standing at the base of the Ski Jump hill at the old Curlew Ski Centre (he's the one on the left side of that little group of men) -- now long gone, just south of Huntsville. He's watching the winning jump, 110' down the hill, on skis that weren't much more sophisticated than curved planks. 

But if some of those more adventurous events are gone from our winter calendar, there's still plenty to do.  The Arenas in Huntsville and Baysville both offer Family Skating times.  Baysville will let you even book the place for an hour for private skating with the family.  The two Curling Clubs -- again, Huntsville and Baysville -- are open.

Wagon rides are available in the area at a couple of centres, and Algonquin Highlands Trail Riding has opened up their trails for winter trekking with the horses.

Right here at Bondi, our trails are open for hiking. Wander up and see how the Beaver is enjoying this mild spell, and check out his logging operation.  Bring your frisbees along and play a round on our Frisbee Golf Course -- we've kept six targets open for the winter, and it's a game anyone can enjoy.  We're also offering Dark Skies programs on starry nights.  Orion, Perseides, Leo -- all those gorgeous constellations that are hard to spot on a summer's night -- are in their glory right now.

Hidden Valley Highlands Ski Area has taken advantage of the cold -- they've stockpiled snow, and are open for the season now.  Their ski school is a super place for the kids (and adults!) to get started into this lifetime sport!

There's plenty to do...   so come on up and see what we do with Winter!  All sorts of Winter! 

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